Our History

At Lace House Linen we have over 100 years of experience serving the laundry needs of customers in Northern California.

Lace House Linen Supply, Inc. (“Lace House Linen”) was established in 1915, at 128 Liberty Street in Petaluma, by Frenchman, John Libarle. He started the business in Petaluma doing family laundry services, including sheets, towels, and clothing in Petaluma. John’s wife, Lorenza, ironed the shirts by hand. In the 1930’s John’s son, Lucien, became involved in the business and they worked hard to build the business, expanding their customer base beyond Petaluma. During World War II, the business boomed as Lace House provided linen services to many of the ships and submarines which operated out of Mare Island.

In 1948, a fire destroyed the entire plant. Fortunately, Lucien and his wife Emily, maintained the business through one garage and they outsourced much business at a friend’s laundry in Napa County. They worked hard to rebuild the building and the plant re-opened in 1949. Lucien continued to build the business and always prided himself in ensuring the quality and service at Lace House Linen.

Old Buggy

Lucien’s son, Daniel Libarle, joined the family business in 1963. He still owns and operates the company today. Lucien and Dan recognized that the laundry needs were changing thus they focused on expanding their commercial laundry services including hotels, restaurants and hospitals. Dan continues to operate the business on the same foundation that it was originally opened: Integrity, personal service and responding to customer needs. We like to hear about the things we do well and those items which need attention. We have had some of the same customers for over 50 years and we pride ourselves in making our customers part of our family.

Our employees are an integral part of our business and we treat them with respect and dignity. Most of our drivers have been employed at Lace House for at least 10 years, some over 25 years. Our office manager has worked with us for 35 years and some of our drivers over 40 years. They know our business and customers!

Lace House started serving local and family businesses and we continue to serve them. We continue to expand our business and now have over 500 customers in Sonoma, Napa, San Francisco, Marin, and Solano Counties. We used to deliver laundry in a horse-drawn carriage and now we have a fleet of vans and trucks. Lace House is still committed to its original values of reliability, quality and service for each of our customers. Please join our family business and become a part of the Lace House family!

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